How You Can Help Save the Oceans

Taking care of our oceans is essential to the health and longevity of our planet. Focusing on protecting the vast marine life and the ecosystem that surrounds it needed to become the focus of every citizen on our planet. Today’s blog will focus on some ways that you can protect our oceans and marine life. Coral Isles was started out of care for the ocean and its ecosystem, and continues to focus on creating reef friendly sunscreens that will protect your skin from sun damage while staying safe for marine life. Read more about our story and don’t forget to order your reef friendly sunscreen today!

Choose Sustainable Seafood

When shopping or eating out, choosing to consume seafood that is responsibly caught or farmed and isn’t overfished or harvested using harmful practices is a great and easy way to help care for the oceans’ ecosystem. If you’re unsure of how to do this, check out this sustainable seafood guide from Monterey Bay’s Aquarium Seafood Watch that has up-to-date and relevant information both nationally and regionally about what kinds of seafood is good to consume and which should be avoided for either overfishing or health reasons. You can also download their handy app so you’ll always have access to their recommendations. By choosing to support companies that are passionate about sustaining the fish and other seafood populations, you’re not only consuming better products but you’re also helping to fund good business practices. Vote with your dollar!

Reduce Plastic Consumption

You probably have heard this a few times, but choosing to reduce your plastic consumption is so important to the health of our oceans. Plastic debris is becoming more and more of a serious issue and causes the deaths of tens of thousands of marine animals every year. Choose to reuse by purchasing reusable coffee cups, water bottles, storage containers, straws, and flatware. Recycle as much as you can. Carry reusable bags for shopping and produce. Do your best to reduce your plastic consumption, and if you do use plastic, dispose of it or recycle it properly.

You can also reduce your plastic consumption by reusing plastic bottles as much as you can. This is one of the reasons we’re proud to offer bulk sizes of our oxybenzone-free sunscreen. We offer a quart size and a gallon size of our reef friendly formula, so you can use as needed and reduce your plastic consumption. You can order a smaller size and refill with the bulk sizes, or just keep the bulk sizes nearby to use every day. Because sunscreen is so important for sun protection, choose a bulk size of our reef friendly formula.

Influence Change

This doesn’t mean protesting for change or organizing rallies (but you can definitely do this if you feel so inclined!). Contact your local representatives about the importance of supporting marine conservation. If there is a local grocery store, market, or restaurant in your town or area that offers sustainable seafood, patronize them and mention that you appreciate their focus on protecting ocean life. Conversely, if your local grocery store or market does carry seafood that is endangered or overfished, speak up about your concerns! The store or market might not even know that the species is being harmed, and they might listen and stop carrying it. Educate your friends and family members about ocean conservation so they understand what they can do. By making small changes, you can have big success. Be the change!

While preserving our oceans may seem daunting, it’s important to remember that we can all do something to help, even if it seems small. Doing your part and encouraging others to do theirs is the first step in making a difference for the longevity of our ocean and marine life ecosystems. Let’s start today!


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