Reef-Friendly Sunscreen – Five Fun Ways to Enjoy the Beach

As the temperatures begin to heat up, you’re probably planning for many wonderful days spent in the sun, sand, and surf. While many people are content with swimming and sunbathing, there are some wonderful ways to enjoy your time spent at the beach and make some amazing memories with family and friends. Use these fun ideas the next time you head to the beach and remember to pack your Coral Isles sunscreen! No day in the sun is complete without our reef-friendly sunscreen, and you can be sure that it will protect your skin and the ocean from reef bleaching. Shop today!

Enjoy a Picnic

Spend a wonderful day enjoying the crashing of the waves and smell of the ocean by planning a special picnic with your family or friends. Sure, a nice dinner at a beachfront restaurant is always beautiful, but spreading a blanket on the sand and packing a picnic basket is another way to enjoy the beauty of the sea. Be sure to pack foods that are best served at room temperature, and fill a cooler with plenty of ice and drinks. Bring paper plates and cups to make cleanup easier.

Watch the Sunset

While many people pack up and head home in the later afternoon, sticking around to watch the sunset is a rare treat. Pack some comfortable clothes to throw on to stay warm and some beach chairs. For a romantic evening with a significant other, you can even bring along some wine and cheese to enjoy together while taking in the beauty of the sunset. Once the sun has gone down, make sure you’ve included a few flashlights to guide your way back to your car.

Try Fishing

A great way to try out a new pastime, fishing is a fun family activity that may even yield dinner! Before you cast a line, check with your local beach to be sure that fishing is allowed and whether or not you need a fishing license. Once everything is in the clear, pack up and head down to the beach or the pier for a day in the sun!

Collect Seashells

Finding natural mementos that will remind you of the days spent at the beach will be a welcome reminder. Early morning is the best time to collect shells, so set your alarm for the best choice of shells. Bring along a basket or bucket to put your treasures in, and make sure the shells are dead, meaning no animals are inside, before you take them home.

Build a Sandcastle

Who says this fun activity is only for kids? Try your hand at creating your own masterpiece and challenge your friends and family members to do the same. Not only will it be an exciting competition, but you’ll be surprised at how fun and invigorating it is to make something with your hands and have fun while doing it.


Be sure to always use sunscreen before hitting the beach, and make sure you protect your skin with Coral Isles’ reef-friendly sunscreen! Order yours today!


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